Support Roles of Men and Women Equals Success

Support Roles of Men and Women Equals Success – everyone needs someone to give them support…life is easier with encouragement and concern…

They say that behind every successful man, there stands a woman. That is true, in general, however, behind every successful woman; there should be a man, who is also supportive and stands by her. If not, we hope reading this will change what is not working sufficiently. In any relationship, there must be support roles to have relationship success at its best.

Without the support of a spouse, significant other, or friend, life can get on the wrong track, and become unbalanced. To have a great career or relationship; one must know there must be a balance of both.

What and How Should This Role Out

What role should our significant other play in our life of support? What should she or he, do to give us the added initiative to proceed with our endeavors of life?

  • There is nothing more pleasant than a compliment from, him or her to give one a sense of accomplishment. Just say, hey, I think you are doing a great job, of this or that, is important.

There are many roles that each has to play. The man has a very important role of being strong, an active person who protects, shields, and loves the woman regardless of her little bitty faults. A strong man and one who cares immensely, usually tries to make a right, any wrong with respect to the person they love.

  • Being genuinely interested, in what each has going on in their life, keeps them connected in a balance of home, family, and life in general. Without balance, no one is going to be happy or successful.

A sense of accomplishment has to come from within first; however, most things we do in life need support from someone. An example of work success, is if you are seeking to advance within your profession or career and no one is watching, or noticing, how do you proceed to get that advancement? One must have support from someone at work to be promoted and further up the ladder.

Relationships At Home

This is the same way in our relationships at home, within our family, and our entire life. We need the support of the people who are the most important to us. This not only inspires us, but it gives us courage when things get difficult to go forward.

  • Men do like strong women, they say; however, they want to know that there is a certain amount of dependence upon their ability to lead. My personal opinion is, that is a very good thing.

No, I cannot answer for all women, however, if there is no ambition of a man to lead within a relationship, life can get complicated for a woman. Not many women in a marriage want to make all of their life decisions. They should not have to. Again, we come to the word, balance.

  • Women do like men to take responsibility as well. Not only for leading in a relationship but in all things.

He should never, ever do something wrong, and try to wiggle out of it. That is not the role a man should play to be strong. Take responsibility and live with the error and forgiveness will usually be easier.

  • Respect comes into play when two individuals are together. If a woman stays home with the children, does that give her equal rights to help make decisions? Again, balance is the keyword.

The man will not feel as successful without the support of his spouse. Secondly, if the woman feels like she is the house cleaner, she is going to feel inadequate. This must be a joint arrangement with respect and honor for both. We also add love conquers all, most of the time.

  • Sensitive to needs: There is a time and place for everything. That includes all of the above.

One must be sensitive to the needs of the other person, and this will help you to know when to give up something for yourself, to help them. In other words, be free from self-absorption.


We want to hear from you about how you feel about this subject. Let us know if you agree or disagree. There is more, but for now; this is it until we see you next time.

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