Relationships And Jealousy

Relationships And Jealousy-Clues and Tips

Are There Any Benefits Where Relationships And Jealousy-Clues And Tips Exist?

Post updated 9-07-2022

Most of us know that too much jealousy is just like too much of anything. It is just too much. So we emphasize it is important to know how much jealousy is too much. Are there any benefits where relationships and jealousy exist? Read on and we will see…

Relationships are not absent of having a bit of jealousy at some point during the time of existence, which is quite typical for all. This means that both males and females have a slight tendency to become jealous at one time or the other, about one thing or the other. If they survived the bout of the jealous span, they will probably laugh to themselves and wonder why they were so foolish. Notice the, “if they survived,” however, you will survive if you want to.

What We Know About Relationships And Jealousy

Jealousy often exists due to low-self esteem, a person may feel they do not meet the minimum requirements for their spouse’s attention. Women can feel unattractive, with less than a positive body shape during that initial meeting. It can also depend on how their spouses get lost after the initial togetherness. This means that people get caught up with daily life and forget to give a hug, a pat, or a kiss occasionally.

Some men express themselves and their feelings better than others. Depending upon how they have matured, grown, and seen their family relationships.

Parents who have been loving, kind, and always polite, certainly influence their adult children’s lives greater than the ones who are constantly degrading the other spouse. This is true even if the party who may think they are joking…has a tendency to be playful.

Some spouses have a habit of causing the other spouse to have less confidence in their relationship. The little they do or do not do brings the jealousy front and center. They may not be serious at all, and simply have a character trait they need to obliterate.  However, little gestures can turn into seriousness.

We know that jealousy is not always inflicted without cause, letting it become uncontrollable can be treacherous for both spouses. Hopefully, you are fully aware that jealousy can destroy your relationship.

Infidelity- Does this cause concerns for Relationships and Jealousy

Infidelity is not perceived as the right approach to take in any relationship regardless of the cause. Very often it starts out as playful, then becomes a little heated, and finally, it feels right, when it is totally wrong. Always wrong, if one is in a relationship already.

Some spouses seem to be more aggressive when they say that they are just being friendly, and having some fun. Why not have fun at home with your spouse. So what is the difference between when one becomes overly jealous, and when is it time to let the unacceptable emotions die?

Women sometimes become infatuated with compliments, and the superior behavior of the aggressor, or friend. It is dangerous to believe if a man is already married to someone else, they are going to leave their spouse for you. Stay clear, go home and talk to your spouse and tell them you need their attention.

When Jealousy Becomes Dangerous To A Relationship

When you are in a relationship with another person, it is often difficult not to experience feelings of jealousy sometimes.  However, it is important to be aware that these feelings can often do more harm than good if you do not deal with them appropriately.

Reports indicate that men are more likely than women to be upset if their best friend, girlfriend, or spouse becomes too close to someone else. Women, however, are the easiest to become upset with emotional infidelity.

There are times that an individual may become so jealous that it begins to affect their daily life, and eventually the spouse’s life. The jealous party may start to follow their spouse, check their incoming calls, check their clothing, and want to know their every move. It affects both parties as it becomes a very strained relationship.

Jealousy generally comes from a feeling we have within ourselves of being inadequate or not worthy of the love of another person.  It can come out as anger against that other person, sadness, or even paranoia within the relationship.

When Jealousy Can Actually Benefit A Relationship

Very Well Minded –Healthy Ways To Express Jealousy

All parties in a relationship need to know when life gets busy that their spouse cares. They may not speak it aloud or act as if they need attention. However, it always makes a woman feel good to know their spouse still finds them attractive, smart, and the light of their life. (Yes, that is from a woman’s point of view, and all needs fade with time).

When the man sees that other men are interested in what their spouse has to say, or watches them from afar, it makes them realize they have something of value. They probably will not say a word or acknowledge what they felt, however, when the lights go out, the words “I love you,” may surface.

Men will not tell you the same. However, when you let them know that you did not like the attention they received from so and so, it gives them a little chill up their spine. The compliment they needed to boost their ego.

How To Deal With This In Our- Relationships And Jealousy, Clues, And Tips

The worst part of jealousy is, in a lot of cases there is no reason for it, but the feelings we get sometimes can’t be stopped.  The best thing to do is learn to deal with these feelings and try to keep them from coming in the first place.

Below are some tips to help you deal with those jealous feelings you may be having:
  • Evaluate your relationship. Take a look at your relationship and see if it is built on solid ground. Has your relationship been built on trust and respect?  If so, the problem most likely isn’t within your relationship.  If nothing has happened to make you distrust your partner then you need to look within yourself.
  • Evaluate yourself. Take a good, honest look at yourself and see if there are underlying problems that could be causing you to feel jealous.  Do you suffer from low self-esteem or do you often criticize yourself?  If so, you will need to find a way to get over those feelings of insecurity that you have about yourself.  If you don’t feel secure in who you are, it will be very difficult for you to expect others to be secure about who you are.  Always focus on all of the positive things you bring to the relationship and all of the positive things about yourself.
  • Recognize when you feel jealous. What is causing you to feel jealous in your relationship?  Is it because your partner spoke to another person and you felt it was inappropriate?  Did your partner become friends with someone on social media that you find to be a possible threat?  What has suddenly made you decide that your partner doesn’t still love you?  Being able to recognize what has made you jealous in the first place can go a long way in being able to deal with it.
  • Share your feelings with someone. Talk to your friends about your feelings and see what they think.  They will help you see things from a different perspective and will also be able to reassure you that your relationship is solid no matter what feelings are happening with you.

It is important still to feel those feelings, but you do need to learn how to deal with them.  Jealousy has destroyed many relationships and in most cases the jealousy was unwarranted.  Do not let your relationship be one that falls in with the statistics.

Know who you are and know where your relationship stands and the jealousy will begin to fall away and you will be able to move forward with your partner.

Think about the end results and see if you may need to respond in a different frame of mind. You may someday wish you had.

Quote: Something to smile about-

“The Woman who is jealous, does better research than the FBI.” Unknown

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