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The Latest From Fox News On The Age You Are Now Consider Old

It seems to me that this would not be the appropriate time to be discussing how old is too old. Or, what age is considered old. Why? Well, if you look around it seems to be the people who are being polled do not vote. If they did it appears they would not be voting for all of the older people who fill Washington, and a lot of Fox News.

Someone might take note because a lot of these older politicians might be filing a lawsuit. The article states that people who were surveyed considered 57 as old. Wow…

Something also important to notice if this is truly how Americans feel, then why do we have a Congress that is totally filled with ‘older’ people? Why is the former VP Biden who is running to beat President Trump now 79 years old? Goodness, he would be 80 within the first year of his term.

If you did not read the Fox News post yesterday, here it is…This age is considered ‘old’ according to a new survey.

The Article Continued With This

“You’re only as old as you feel isn’t going to fly anymore.

According to a  survey of Americans, there is a certain age when the general public considers you old.

Guess what that age was….57

Are you offended? Well, I am and have been for years…here is why:

Is Congress the Only Place Older People Can Work?

While we talk about women in the workplace, let us refer to congress and their clientele. It would appear that Democrats and Republicans both have some explaining to do. Who governs corporations? We know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has this job.

It appears that no one is enforcing one of the discrimination issues of pushing older employees out the door when they get to what the company thinks as being too old.

Should Congress Notice

Why is it that Congress has not realized that an older person over 66 +-, regardless of their experience, talent, and good health, can get a job or keep one in the corporate world? That is why I am asking these questions, “Is Congress The Only Place Older Women Can Work?

We see Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Susan Davis, to mention a few who are well over 70 who are in the highest positions of the country. Patty Murray, and Debbie Stabenow, to name a few more over 66 who are also serving the country. Yes, there are others we will not mention.

Let me say this, of course, we realize that the people elect all of these individuals. They then appoint members to each regulatory job. However, are they going to bat for these women who are having a hard time getting or keeping a job at 50 years old, and beyond, within the workforce? I have not read about it if they have.

It seems to me that some of these prominent people should be visiting the corporate world and ask them why they are pushing out older women? Does anyone care? This is discrimination, and it is unfair and ridiculous that a woman over retirement age cannot keep her job if she chooses.

What Corporations Do And Think No One Knows

Corporations use excuses. In fact, they never tell you the real reason that you need to retire, they simply offer you a month’s salary and say we need to cut your job. No, this has not happened to me, but I know some people that it has.

They also let the younger employees become very aggressive in correcting the older worker to make them unhappy so that they will punch out sooner.

Here is the deal, I have been in management would much rather have a skilled, polite, experienced, and dedicated 60+-year-old working for me than a younger one who is just testing to see if they like the job.

The Reasons Why Some Women Need To Work Longer

Lots of things occur within a decade or two. Women can face a divorce, death of their spouse, and illness within their family that causes a break in their work experience. When they need a job and cannot get one, it produces some levels of poverty for some.

Stay at home moms often try to spend less money to be with their children while they are small. Child care is also so expensive, sometimes a second salary is not sufficient until after kids grow up.  If they have not worked in a while, and do not have a lot of experience, they are at the mercy of employers to at least give them a chance.

This is not new, in fact, AARP printed something about 45 to 50-year-old women going to get a laser fix or some worse surgery to look younger when trying to get employment. This is beyond ridiculous. And, Congress does nothing about it, yet keeps their job until they are 80.

The above sounds drastic, however when you need a job at 50 plus, and your working credentials are not enough, these women must settle for less.

A Message For The Younger Generation

If you are living only in the moment and you do not realize that life is ever-changing,  you may need to slow down and take some notes. Here is why:

Technology is changing a lot of companies. Amazon has changed a lot of things, the internet is changing every day.

Sure you have read about Sears, J C Penney, and others.

If you have a degree in nursing, and the medical field, or education, engineering, and law; you have a better probability of keeping or getting another job.

When you do not have a degree in something, just your work experience, you may need to apply some changes within your life. You should start saving at least 10% of your salary on top of your 401K. We are just being as candid as possible.

We are not the expert; however, we have some experience under our belt that would speak for itself, having worked in mortgage lending for years.

There are a lot of women who are not even 60 years old who have to struggle to make their financial life doable. Some working two jobs, taking care of their family and living very much beneath what they would like.

This can be for different reasons as mentioned above. Everyone’s life cannot be the same, and no, not everyone has the same opportunities, when they begin their careers. You can look around and see a lot of success, however, how did this success happen.

Success in any format comes from hard work, perseverance, and the ability to keep learning regardless of age. It is, of course, a person’s responsibility to keep up to date on things as important as their ability to survive in the workplace.

With the above said, someone who is in charge of the labor force should take a few trips to the corporate world and judge for themselves if age discrimination exists. Will they, we hope so, and maybe they will read some articles online about this very important subject.

Here are a few places you can read about this unfortunate finding:

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Good Luck if you are seeking employment- let us know your stance on these issues.



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