How Do You See Yourself In Family

How Do You See Yourself In Family

How Do You See Yourself In Family –Assessing your Relationship As A Family Member- is there room for improvement?

In all of your relationships family life is a very important part of everyone’s life. People generally consider their families to be the most important people in their lives. It is common to all cultures and societies. All the cultures of the world profess family unit strength.

The family unit (immediate family and extended) is very important in the life of any human being. Everyone must consider him or herself a responsible unit of the entire clan.

Our family members are the people we can look to in our hour of need. These are the people who can be most helpful to us concerning any and everything that has gone wrong in our lives.

We mustn’t wait until something goes wrong to express and appreciate the love of our family.

Everyone Is Important In Our Family Relationships so that we have Healthy Relationships

As all members of our ancestors are important to life, strong ties with these people are an asset. It is important that we make these individuals a priority, and are there to listen, encourage, and offer assistance when needed. We must continue with our traditions of having a close kindred even when our immediate family gets larger.

Our next of kinred life has ensured stability and peacefulness in society which nothing else can provide. It is the primary responsibility of everyone to play his or her role in making this part of their life work. Everyone needs to contribute to help strengthen the family unit even when life gets busy.

As Relatives-We Should Assess Ourselves More Frequently

As our immediate kin is who we want to protect, we must pay close attention and make sure that each member is living a quality life. Are they healthy? Do they appear happy?

First, it is critical to think about our behavior toward the people we love who may be distant. They may need attention and love and that is what counts most within every relationship.  Are we encouraging enough? Do we tell them that we love them often enough?

This is what we often lack and we do not realize it until it is too late or not within our power to do so. I try to tell my sister that I love her. She always responds with “I love you too.”

Even our children need to hear the love of their parents more often. Yes, parents also need to hear their children express their love. When parents are loving and show respect to their children, usually the children will follow suit.

These are great points to consider, as there is no human who does not need respect and love. We must assess to see if we are showing and improving our relationships within all of our families. To have a close-knit unit, we must make an effort for that closeness and love between all members of our relatives.

Together Time Is Important For Grandparents…

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It is vastly important for younger adults and their children to spend some time with their parents. The grandparents often feel left out and still need to feel loved. They have sacrificed a lot when giving you a home life that was full of love.

Yes, life is full and time is lacking, however, just a Sunday afternoon visit will make the grand feel important.

Sometimes we love all members of our family but we are not able to find the time to share all the good times together. Making time, laughing, and talking about the good in life helps to heal the stress that we often feel from life.

Little Is Often More And Is Certainly Better Than Nothing

Celebrating little events in life may sometimes become even more important as compared to celebrating some huge events. For example, to your brother, it may be more important that you remember his birthday.  It could be wishing him a happy birthday at midnight on Friday night as compared to taking him and his friends to a lavish dinner.

How does it make us feel when someone pays close attention to us on our important life dates? Our husband gives us roses. Our parents always call and invite us to dinner. Our sister came to be with us at the family’s birthday dinner.

They make the time, and we need to make adequate time to remember what is important to other family members as well.

Just a little endnote:  So, How Do You See Yourself In Family?

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