Does The Traditional Family Still Exist

Does The Traditional Family Still Exist

Does The Traditional Family Still Exist

People who live in the same house and are normally related to each other through blood, marriage, or adoption we call a family. Different encyclopedias and dictionaries define a family in different words. To many, a family unit consists of two adults of the opposite sex who are related to each other in a socially acceptable relationship.

These individuals may have children. The children and their parents constitute a family. In different parts of the world, different types of family structures exist. There exists a type of family in which a father and a mother raise their children.

There is another kind of family in which a male can have more than one wife, in addition to children. In some parts of Africa, there are families with one female who has more than one husband.

Family Structure Often Depends Upon Culture

Thus the structure of the family unit is very much dependent upon the culture. Most of the cultures in this world promote family life. Family ties can shape the personality of a person, so they are very important.

Keeping this importance in view, all cultures promote it. The presence of a family unit in the country confirms that there will be peace and harmony in the country. One more advantage of having a family unit in your culture is that people are responsible for each other. Thus family life makes a person learn to be responsible for her or his actions.

These blood ties are important as they help shape a personality. Although people understand the importance of a family unit, the trend of living as a family is decreasing. In many parts of the world, people leave their parents and start living separately as soon as they complete their education and can earn their living.

In one sense this trend is very positive as everyone is responsible for his or herself. People earn for themselves and as a result, the number of dependents is less in such countries.

The obvious result is that the economy of the country is stable. But the loosening of ties has its disadvantages as well. Due to the lack of these ties, there is a disruption in society. We do not experience that peace all around the globe today as it existed a few decades back. The reason is that the family unit is becoming less important to many people.

Decrease In Life Span Of A Family Unit And Forever Relationships

The decrease in the life span of a family unit is because kids get their education and leave their parents to find work, and spouses lead their own lives. There are many other reasons as well.

There were once higher divorce rates. However, since many couples do not get married now, divorce rates have changed. Per a Good Housekeeping article with mention of CDC statistics, the divorce rate is now 3.2% per 1000 couples in the United States as of 2016. That is an 18% decrease in divorces.

The reason for this as stated is also the marriage decline.

There Are Other Causes of  Break Up of Family Ties

Other social evils are resulting in a lack of families and family ties for many kids. For example, there are many illegitimate children born every year. In fact, this is very prominent in the United States at this time.

The parents should be responsible enough if they want to have kids even if out of wedlock to keep the family unit in place.  It is cruel to have a child and then to leave him or her at the mercy of people.

The above often happens when younger girls start dating and become pregnant and then leave the children’s care to their grandparents or others. These people must learn responsibility and that responsibility does not end when the child is delivered.

Certain other evils in our societies are creating problems for us as these things are in some instances, decreasing the importance of the family unit.


In some of our cultures, the family unit is as much there as it was a few decades back. Sometimes the rigidity of these ties creates problems.

The people who are bound to each other by blood ties in this situation do not give the other person enough space to breathe. This creates suffocation for people and the strength of a family unit starts disintegrating.

It appears that there should be more concern for the family unit and teaching our younger adults how children always need the unanimous support of family. If a child does not receive adequate care and attention; they can have physical, mental, social, and educational problems. These issues can cause emotional insecurities for a child.

Family units are still strong in most marriages, but they have changed according to the present-day definition of what makes up a family.

What Does Traditional Family Values Mean?

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