A Brand New Day Thought

“Today is a brand new day to believe in yourself. Do not lose another minute of despair, for every time the clock hand moves, it is another second to believe in you.”


“You are only as good as you think you are. You are as good as you think you are. You must have faith within yourself, or your belief will vanish…”


“Stop taking chances with your self-esteem because you are the one and the only one who can make it grow.”


“If you cannot see the excellence within yourself…no one else will. Smile, let it shine, you will see the effects it has on others.”


“When you let your excellence show, you are then helping someone else to let their excellence show.”


“Stop waiting for someone else to bring you flowers, you can pick your own. Decorate your life with “positive” emotions, and your “soul” with love.”


“There is room on this earth for everyone to be excellent, there are no set parameters.”

Life Chats 2019

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